Since the debut of America Meditating: Pause for Peace initiative, there have been several outgrowths of Pause for Peace. The concept holds a concise, powerful message to which many can relate. In addition to our individual routine pauses, which reconnect us to our inner beauty and truth, we have shared the following invitations with others:




"Pause for Peace in the Classrooms" is an educational initiative which invites educators to systematically teach students to "Pause for Peace" during transitional times in the school days. The intention is to provide a "TIME IN" in an attempt to reduce students' stress and anger, and in its place increase their attention, and positive response toward themselves and others. Our partners around the country have been sharing in this effort. Contact us for more information at



Pause for Peace Spaces

Cultivate a culture of peace in your office and let's reduce the culture of violence in our city and world. The Meditation Museum invites you to declare your place a Pause for Peace Space. Everyone has the capacity to donate peace and compassion by creating thoughts of peace. Pause for Peace requires one thought of peace and peace becomes present in a space. When we value peaceful thoughts we value our world and each other. For more information contact the Meditation Museum at (301) 588-0144 or

Members of Congress to whom Pause for Peace plaques were presented:



Members of Congress to whom Pause for Peace plaques were presented:

Congressman Tony Cardenas (CA)
Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II (MO)
Congressman Tim Ryan (O)