Are you ready for the OM Challenge?

It takes less than a minute, yet it offers the profound gift of Peace to relationships and our world.

In 2012, “America Meditating: Pause for Peace” spread throughout the world, with people pausing for peace at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The story continues with a daily radio show, America Meditating and Pause for Peace programs in select schools and communities.


Someone asked Sister Jenna, why the Pause for Peace program reached so many. “It holds some truth for people, so they keep leaning into peace,” was the answer offered by Sister Jenna. As host of the America Meditating Radio Show and director of the Meditation Museums in Silver Spring, Maryland and McLean, Virginia, the homes of America Meditating Radio, Sister Jenna is constantly reminded of the greater urgency for peace in our neighborhoods and world.

Our need for Peace is real. No one can deny it. While world leaders and organizations continue to dialogue about how to make it happen, to move toward an existence of less stress, more contentment and productivity, we offer a simpler, more immediate solution:


The ancient sound from India that has taken on a life of its own, throughout lands, traditions, and practices. It means, “I am.” Perhaps when we drop the labels that often follow that phrase, we will begin to feel peace in our minds once again.

Together we can spread what is true throughout the world - through your "OM," peace is donated. In 2015, we captured OM challenges from around the world in a movie and offered it for the International Year of Yoga.

1) Get you camera ready to record.
2) State why you are taking the OM challenge (e.g., 'I want peace in the world... or, the family, or in nature.')
3) In One Breath, take the challenge to chant OM for 60 seconds. 
4) Nominate friends, family, or fellow humans to out-Om you. 
5) Post on Your FB / twitter, and OM challenge FB/twitter

That's it. By 2015 we will capture OM challenge in a movie from around the world and offer it for The International Year of Yoga.

So we invite you to “OM, NOMINATE and DONATE your peace. Just don’t sit there and do nothing. OM....